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Wise Woman Journal 2020!


We can mail you your copy of the Journal!

Our home is Kamloops BC so these are the local shops that carry the journal but if you are from out of town we would be pleased to mail a journal to your doorstep. The journal is $30 and your cost would also include the cost of shipping. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be pleased to answer any inquiry's.

Cosmic Rocks 

175 #210 4th Ave 

Kamloops  BC


  The Art We Are 

246 Victoria Street

Kamloops  BC


 The Pond Country Market 

 6231 Barnhartvale Road

Kamloops BC


 Akashic Ranch

4302 Campbell Range Road 

Kamloops BC


Mystic Dreams 

249 Glen Road

Clearwater BC


Home Hardware

 1325 Joseph Way

Kamloops BC


Golden Budda

247 Victoria St 

Kamloops BC


 2019-09-06 071001


Let me climb up the dragon mountain


Enter the cave with no fear


Face the fiery dragon


Ride on the dragon of transformation.


Journey with the dragon to the river of tears.


Release to the river all my fears, and all my tears.


Fly with the dragon to the Lotus land, and breathe in the love from the Lotus flower



















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