4-directionsWEBInside the Journal we have included Self-Care Suggestions and each month check back here and we will offer you a sneak preview of Self-Care opportunities 


We are excited for you to offer you some  suggestions for you.  These are an opportunities for you to invite spirit to guide and support you in your everyday life.  These suggestions are a powerful way to get out of your logical mind, allow your heart to expand, and to let love flow through your body. You are encouraged to have fun with these self-care practices and ceremonies.  Don’t worry about “getting it right.” Go with your heart and instincts-- they will always guide you and show you the way. Each of you are in a place of remembering and in this place your instincts and intuition will grow and flourish.



Full Moon 

October 13 2019

October moon

Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to cleanse your crystals under the light of Grandmother Moon. 


Self-Care Suggestion for October:

To support your daily practice of gratitude, for this month of October take some time to sit in a reflective manner and breathe deeply, releasing any stress or fatigue in the body, mind and spirit. Take a piece of paper, pen, and an envelope and write a letter of self-love and gratitude to yourself, thanking yourself for all you provide for your family, friends, animals, work partners and community. Communicate with your inner wise woman and let the love from this place flow onto the paper. Then place the paper in the envelope, seal the envelope and set it in a safe place. On the eve of winter solstice open this letter and allow the love from your wise one to flow into your heart once again.



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